Terms and Conditions

Please Read

Please read our terms and conditions before signing a membership agreement with us.

These terms apply to all of members joining on monthly Direct Debit membership and includes the annual one-off  payment membership.

1. Membership

Your membership will start from the date specified on your membership agreement form in joining at venue.

Your membership will continue automatically unless you terminate your membership via contacting head office.

2. Electric Fitness venues and sessions

Memberships have access to their joined ‘home’ venue only.

3. Session timetables

Our sessions are available on-line and are specific to the location and can be found on your Kick Start 28 members area account.

We may on occasion need to make amendments to the session timetable. If possible we will notify you of our intention to do this. We aim to have a continued regular timetable that makes it convenient for you to incorporate into your lifestyle. However, on occasions it might be necessary to modify or remove sessions, you will be informed of any changes and we aim to give you as much notice as possible.

4. About your membership fees

a. Monthly membership fees

Monthly membership fees are paid in advance by Direct Debit. This will be taken from your bank account on the first working day of every month ( or as close as possible).

b. 12 Month Contract Membership

With this payment option, you commit to being a member, and to paying the monthly membership fee, for at least 12 full calendar months and pay the monthly membership fee for that period.

In return for this, you get a discounted monthly membership fee for the 12 full calendar months. At the end of the 12 calendar months, your membership will automatically continue on a monthly basis.

Under this payment option, during your 12-month commitment period you will not be able to downgrade to a lower level of membership, and you will not be able to cancel your membership during this period except for the following reasons:

- Serious illness

- Serious injury

c. Annual Membership 

Annual membership is paid in advance, 12 months for the price of 10. Membership will run for 12 consective months without a break or cancellation. Annual members will be notified of renewal before the term ends. 

d. Missing membership fee payments

If you don’t pay your membership fee on time we will contact you to inform you. We will continue to attempt to collect your subscription by Direct Debit unless you contact our membership team and arrange alternative payment.

In addition we may charge you up to £30 if we refer your arrears to a debt collection agency.
Until your fees are successfully collected and your account brought back up to date your membership will be suspended and you will be unable to attend classes.

e. Fee changes

We review our membership fees from time to time. We will give you at least one calendar month’s written notice of any such changes. If we increase your membership fees (excluding VAT) by more than the rate of inflation plus 5% in any six month period then you can cancel your membership by giving us five working days written notice.

5. Cancelling  your membership

a. How to cancel your No Contract Monthly Membership

Please email - info@electricfitness.co.uk before 20th of the month to cancel your membership.

Your membership will end on the last day of that month.

Notices received after 17.30 will be deemed to have been received on the next working day. You are responsible for ensuring that we have received your written notice.

7. Our right to cancel your membership

We may cancel your membership immediately if you:

• Break these terms and conditions
• Put the health, safety or wellbeing of other members or our employees at risk
• Allow other people to use your membership to attend classes
• Engage in disruptive or violent behaviour

8. Our responsibility to you

You agreed you are 18 or over.

We are not legally responsible for any possessions you lose or that are damaged or stolen at the venue by anyone unless we have been negligent. If you have an accident or injure yourself in one of our sessions you must report this to the coach straight away.

9. Your personal information

We take our responsibility for looking after your personal information very seriously. You can find out how you can see the information we hold about you or how to ask us to change this information in our privacy policy which is on our website www.electricfitness.co.uk

You are responsible for informing us about any changes to your personal information.

10. Changes to these terms and conditions

We may change these terms and conditions. We will give you at least 30 days notice to inform you of any significant changes that may affect your membership and also publish the updated terms and conditions on our website.